Will A Case Made Out Of Lego Save An iPhone 6s From A 100-Feet Drop? – Video

Uzair Ghani

We all know about the wrath that is bestowed upon us when we step on a piece of Lego. The sheer pain is enough to cripple even the strongest ones among us - at least that's what the legend says. But the big question is - is Lego tough enough to protect an iPhone 6s from a 100-feet drop? A video on YouTube aims to answer just that and you can watch it right here.

iPhone 6s Lego Case

Can A Lego Case Help An iPhone 6s Survive A 100-Foot Drop?

Lego is extremely tough, and a 2x2 block can withstand a force of up to 950 pounds before it breaks in on itself. But what will happen if we made a case out of Lego blocks, shoved an iPhone 6s inside it, and threw it off a 100-feet drop? The results can be found spoiler-free in the video by TechRax below:

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You were expecting at least a broken screen weren't you? So were we. And while the iPhone 6s did manage to walk off the scene with minimum damage, it's astonishing that the device still works like a charm with no apparent defects, and not a single crack on the display. But the same can't be said about the Lego blocks, most of which were completely destroyed in certain places, while some lost their shape, never to be piled up on top of another block again.

The takeaway lesson from this video is a simple one though - do not rely on a Lego case to save your iPhone from a drop. Why? Because a Lego case can fall apart at any given time, and of course, it's bulky to the point where most of us won't be able to fit the darn thing inside our pockets. If portability is on the top of your list then we recommend looking elsewhere for protecting your iPhone.

There are a ton of cases floating in the wild for sale which aim to protect an iPhone from drops such as these. And while they don't guarantee 100% effectiveness against massive drops, but at the end of the day you'll at least save your device from being completely destroyed when it comes face to face with the elements at extremely high speeds.

Get a case, and a good one, that's all what we are going to recommend at this point. And don't lay your trust on Lego just yet.


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