Next-Gen iPhone 8,1 And 8,2 Make An Appearance In Web Logs, iPhone 6c Missing

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have started to make an appearance in Web logs, with the hardware being dubbed as the iPhone 8,1 and the iPhone 8,2. The interesting thing to note here is that the iPhone 6c is missing in action, again suggesting that the device might not make an appearance this year.

iPhone 6s

Discovered by Fiksu, the new duo of iPhones have made an appearance in the site's Web log, confirming what we already know: there are going to be two new iPhones this year. But as we mentioned above, the iPhone 6c hasn't made an appearance anywhere at all, and thus far, we've only been treated to very small and insignificant leaks, such as the revelation of the internal battery unit of the device.

The two new iPhones, the iPhone 8,1 and iPhone 8,1, made their first ever appearance back in July, which was just last month. And at that time, we heard a lot of rumors that the handsets have gone into mass production already, hence further proving that the pieces in the puzzle are starting to fit.

The iPhone 6c on the other hand, has been an elusive device thus far, ending up splitting the opinions of many industry analysts on a regular basis. But it was just yesterday when notorious leaker Evleaks confirmed from his sources that Apple is planning to launch three new handsets in September, with the iPhone 6c being one of them. This would be the first time Apple will release three new smartphones altogether, a trend which was started in the pair of two when Cupertino announced the iPhone 5s alongside the iPhone 5c.

We believe that this year would indeed see the iPhone 6c bear fruit. Why? Because it makes perfect sense for the company to keep a low-end smartphone in the market to cater to users with tighter budgets. But seeing how the iPhone 5c failed to garner the attention of consumers when it was released alongside the iPhone 5s, Apple needs a game changing low-end smartphone rather than a plastic wrapped offering.

It's expected that Apple will hold a special media event on the 9th of September to announce the trio of handsets, and we'll be covering the event in great detail. Lastly, if you want to catch up on all the rumors and leaks we've witnessed so far regarding the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, then be sure to check out: iPhone 6s Specs, Rumors, Features, Price, Release Date [Complete Roundup].


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