Apple iPhone 6c Sees Processor And Feature Details Leak

Ramish Zafar

When it comes to the iPhone 6c, it seems to be one Apple device that just doesn't want to go away, regardless of whatever speculations about a potential launch harming other iPhone sales surface. As Apple's highly anticipated September launch event nears, we've started to hear some rather interesting news related to the iPhone 6c. The most recent of these is an expected launch date for the device in November, when Apple's September iPhone 6s launches will have nicely settled in. Today we've manged to gather some more information about the iPhone 6c's specifications and you can take a look at them below.

Apple's iPhone 6c To Support Apple Payments Alongside Other Specifications

Well, news from China is buzzing at full pace and today we've managed to dig up some information that allegedly details the specifications of the much rumored iPhone 6c. For all of you hoping that Apple will be launching the smaller iPhone with its latest SoC, you're on for a bit of disappointment today. According to our sources, the iPhone 6c will be coming with Apple's A8 SoC, also found on the iPhone 6 duo launched last year.

It'll also come with NFC support on board, which should also mean not only support for Apple Pay, but also Touch ID on the smaller iPhone, both of which are features that should attract several users. What effect this will have on the device's price and which segment Apple hopes to target with the 5c still remains unknown. We've also not received any word about the device's other specifications, such as RAM, camera resolutions, storage variants and more.

Given the amount of increasing rumors that have started to surface on the device, a smaller smartphone from Apple does sound to be highly likely at this point. Whether we'll get one in September, November or even at all still remains to be known. So stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below. We'll keep you updated as this develops.

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