iPhone 6 Prototype With ‘SwitchBoard’ OS Shows Up On eBay

iPhone 6 Prototype With ‘SwitchBoard’ OS Shows Up On eBay

There are rare moments when you see an iPhone 6 Prototype running a different mobile platform, but on eBay, one seller has managed to pick up a gem of a phone and put it on sale at the online retailer.

iPhone 6 Prototype With Switchboard OS Shows Up On eBay With An Astronomical Price Tag

If you thought than a regular iPhone 6 featured an expensive price tag, then wait till you get a load of the price tag present on the product listed on eBay. The listing had gone up earlier today and while 9to5mac reports that it saw a price tag of $4,999, the phone now carries a price of $8,600, which will definitely make you wonder about purchasing the regular version of Apple’s iPhone 6.

According to the details posted by the seller; the device had been bought from a friend and it features no FCC logos or serial number on the back whatsoever. Furthermore, the only elements that will make you feel that you’re looking at a phone manufactured by the Cupertino tech giant is the Apple logo and ‘iPhone’ branding. Now, for the moment that you have all been waiting for, this particular iPhone is running Apple’s internal debugging software called ‘SwitchBoard’.


Just in case you did not know, it’s often believed that devices running this particular OS are more hackable and therefore able to reach phenomenal prices like the one you can see in the image below. Additional information reveals that the smartphone features a red lightning dock port along with a serial number of C39NW00KG876.


In terms of hardware, this iPhone 6 model is no different from the regular version. The handset is running an A8 SoC coupled with 1GB of RAM and before we move on, do not let the aforementioned amount of RAM fool you, because thanks to the mobile wonder that is iOS, iPhone 6 still runs buttery smooth and is able to tackle the most demanding of tasks and visually impressive games.


You can say that iPhone 6 Plus is going to run into performance issues thanks to the larger resolution, but the promise of future updates will no doubt improve overall performance. Now, here’s our question to you guys? If you had the cash, would you purchase this particular model of the iPhone 6? Let us know your thoughts right away.




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