The iPhone 6 Plus Is A Mockup Of The Galaxy Note – Claims Samsung

In a latest jab at Apple, smartphone manufacturer Samsung claimed in a video that the iPhone 6 Plus simply copies it's popular Galaxy Note range. This jab is the latest in a constant tug of war between the two manufacturers which has resulted in court room battles more than once. While Samsung was quick to release devices with large screen size, Apple took it's time to upgrade and it looks like the Taiwanese manufacturer is here to capitalize on it.

The latest video sees Samsung giving us all a history lesson and taking things back to 2011 which saw the launch of the original Galaxy Note. Highlighting all the criticism the Galaxy Note received at the time for having a screen size too big, Samsung now hints towards a subtle 'we told you so' when mentioning the iPhone 6 Plus launch which sees Apple's first attempt at a larger screened device.

The video quotes several reviews and articles related to the Galaxy Note which criticized the device for having a screen size too large. Some of the reviews quoted in particular are 'You look like you're talking into a piece of toast'' from the WSJ and ''The Note is an unwieldy beast" from Mashable.

The video then fast forwards to today and claims that the Note is now being imitated by competitors. To prove this point Samsung quotes a couple of tweets. The video terminates by Samsung claiming the Note 4 to be the next big thing and a date for the device's launch which is in October.

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