New 6-Inch iPhone Model Rumored to Be Unveiled in September – Samsung Producing Nearly 130 Million Panels of This Size

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Apple plans to go beyond the 5.5-inch screen size threshold with the unveiling of the iPhone 8, which has been rumored to come with a 5.8-inch OLED display. However, a new rumor claims that a 6-inch iPhone might also be in the works. Let us see what Samsung, Apple’s chief panel manufacturer has got in the works.

Samsung Display to Operate at Maximum Capacity - Expected to Produce 124 Million 6-Inch Panels for This Mysterious iPhone

With Apple having tapped Samsung for its OLED technology, the Korean giant will be operating at maximum capacity in order to fulfill the iPhone maker’s massive demand. According to ET News, Samsung will only be producing OLED panels for iPhones at its A3 production line. This is done because the technology that Apple has requested can only be made on this particular line and will be much different than the product coming out of the A2 line.

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The rumor states that if Samsung is working at full capacity, it will be able to produce around 124 million 6-inch panels and 130 million 5.8-inch screens respectively in a single year. The 5.8-inch version will undoubtedly be for the iPhone 8 but which model will the 6-inch version go to? Another important question is if Apple plans to further increase the screen size of its iPhones when it is done announcing the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus.

That could be the only explanation given that Samsung is producing millions of 6-inch panels. However, if the iPhone 7s Plus features a 6-inch display, that might become an even more cumbersome experience during phone handling and usage. The iPhone 7 Plus itself is a massive burden to carry around and hold given that it features some sizable bezels at the top and bottom.

If the iPhone 7s Plus design remains unchanged and Apple continues to bump the screen size, that will deliver more screen real estate and a potentially higher battery capacity but at the risk of buyers shying away from entertaining the purchase of a massive handset.

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News Source: ET News

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