Which iPhone 6 Is The Best For You? Do Not Go For Gold If Usage Is Rough

With6 pre-orders already breaking global records at a staggering 16 million, many users are still left out of the lucky few getting their orders in at time. Well, for those who're left out, a more thoughtful decision won't result in harm. As we all know, Apple has launched the iPhone 6 in three colors, Gold, Space Gray and Silver.

These color's remain the same from Apple's last year offering of the iPhone 5S. But the iPhone 6 does not look like the iPhone 5S in any way and there are changes made to the front panel of the device as well. With the iPhone 6, if you want a white front panel then the space gray option is not for you. Only the Gold and the Silver color options have the white front panel.

Speaking on the space gray iPhone 6, this should be a definitive go for those who're multimedia lovers on the go and use their devices for video viewing and gaming purposes. The black nicely blends in the background of the multimedia running on the screen and is easy for the eyes.

Space gray is also a great option for those who use their iPhones in a rough manner or in areas with dust and humidity. Space gray is the option in which the least amount of markings and smudges are visible and with the premium Apple finishing these can be easily cleaned as well. However that doesn't mean the Silver and the Gold options are without their merits either.

The space gray can however show more smudges and grimes than other color options. Silver is perhaps the most neutral color choice for the device, having replaced white in the iPhone 5S. Silver is likely to go with any fashion or other accessories you have and is a great color option in itself, lacking the unneeded lustre of gold for some and the sombre quality of the space gray.

The Gold color option is no doubt the most impressive color scheme available out there for the iPhone 6. With a gold iPhone 6 you're all set to make sure your device stands out amongst the rest in public. This combined with the design improvements and reduced thickness on the iPhone 6 ensures that you have a device that is a winner in terms of looks.

Owning a Gold or even a Space Gray device for that matter ensures that you're somewhat more immune to smudges and grimes when using your device. The rule of thumb with any device should be however that you should regularly clean it and avoid any unnecessary scratches or marks to ensure longevity. So let us know in the comments which color goes with you.


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