What Happens When You Freeze An iPhone 6 Inside Jello? (Video)

Ever wondered what happens when you freeze an iPhone 6 inside jello? This video aims to answer your thought cringing question.

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Like we mentioned before on a number of occasions, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus aren't the type of smartphones that can take a badly angled tumble from waist height. Furthermore, the devices are fragile to say the least, despite all that nitty gritty Ion-X glass adorning the front of the smartphone and aluminum right behind it. Still, the iPhone 6 is no killer smartphone when it comes to protecting itself from the elements around it. And it's safe to say that liquids aren't going to play nicely with Cupertino's prized handset since the smartphone is not rated to take any sort of splash of water. But YouTuber TechRax went a little further and wanted to know, and of course, answer the question, whether or not an iPhone 6 can survive inside frozen jello.

TechRax took a top of the line iPhone 6 model -128GB - and froze it inside jello for over 9 hours. That's enough torture to lay to rest any smartphone at this point, but the results are going to surprise you. Spoiler right after the video in case you don't wish to watch it.

You weren't expecting the iPhone 6 to turn on at all, right? We weren't either. And it's quite surprising how the smartphone fared against jello, and of course, the intense low temperatures of a freezer, that too for 9 hours straight.

But the age old question has been answered: can an iPhone 6 survive in frozen jello? Yes it can. But do we recommend doing it? Not at all, and we don't endorse this one bit. You never know what sort of internal damage all that sugary stuff can cause. And with that sort of damage, we're pretty certain an Apple rep won't attend you either. So don't do it. Just, don't.

Though the above test took place in a very controlled environment, but out in the real world, things are different. Very, very different. Hence we recommend that you wrap your iPhone around a good protective case, especially when you decide to go a little extreme in your outdoor activities, such as skydiving or maybe kayaking. A little protection can go a long way in saving your high-end investment, and who knows what might happen when you're out and about, with your iPhone carelessly tucked inside your jeans pocket.

Better to be safe than sorry, folks.


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