The Notorious iPhone 6 Plus Is Back – This Time With Camera Problems

Ramish Zafar

Apple's decision to increase camera size on the iPhone seemed to be hit at first. The 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus almost doubled its smaller screened counterpart, the iPhone 6 in sales in pre-orders. But outselling the iPhone 6 was not the only thing the iPhone 6 Plus became famous for. Soon after the device's widespread availability, users began to report issues which caused their device to bend in their pocket.

As with all things Apple, the problem caught widespread attention and became dubbed as #bendgate. However, reports surfaced later that Apple had fixed the issue, by changing the materials used to manufacture the device. However, looks like #bendgate is not the only issue iPhone 6 Plus users have to worry about, as this time it looks like the camera on the device is facing some problems.

More iPhone 6 Plus Problems Surface - Device Camera Malfunctioning On iOS 8.1.

The iPhone 6 Plus is shooting some rather very 'unconventional' footage with its rear camera as shown in the video above. Not only is the video blurred, its also given a 'fluid' effect, which should work perfect were you advertizing your surroundings as an aquarium. However, as most users would prefer sharp, focused and high quality videos with their device, this should be cause of concern for both iPhone 6 Plus users and folks over at Cupertino.

The problem appears to be related to the Optical Image Stabilization found on board the iPhone 6 Plus, something which many users were desperate to have on the iPhone. While the issue does not appear to be widespread right now, users should be vary about their device's camera performance and should report any issues to Apple to get it fixed or to get a replacement. Are you an iPhone 6 Plus user? Let us know if you have faced similar problems with your device's camera.

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