iPhone 2018 3D Units Compared in Latest Hands-on Video – Design & Physical Dimensions Providing a Contrast


Apple is planning to release three new iPhone models later this year and if you wanted a brief overview on how these devices would end up looking, the 3D dummy units have been compared in the latest hands-on video.

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According to Mac Otakara, the iPhone-centered blog has shown a hands-on video revealing what is expected to be the final design of the upcoming 2018 lineup from Apple. These 3D models reveal how each device could look in comparison to the iPhone X that was released last year.

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The 5.8-inch iPhone X successor coming this year revealed dimensions of 143.65mm x 72.03mm x 7.69mm. The smartphone could be 1.1mm wider, but Mac Otakara does state that there could be a discrepancy caused by the schematics including the button height. Furthermore, the blog was able to successfully use a current iPhone X case on the 3D-printed mockup.

Coming to the biggest iPhone that Apple will end up making, the 6.4-inch iPhone X Plus features the dimensions 157.53mm x 77.44mm x 7.85mm. iPhone 8 Plus in comparison to the aforementioned smartphone is around 1mm shorter and 1mm wider, which obviously means that phone cases of the iPhone 8 Plus are not going to fit in the upcoming OLED-touting flagship.

The 6.0-inch LCD iPhone, which we will be referring to as the iPhone 9 for now, measures in at 150.91mm x 75.72mm x 8.47mm. The dimensions of this smartphone place it right in between the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 Plus, though there is a notable difference in thickness.

With no home button in sight, all three models are expected to feature Face ID, meaning that all upcoming iPhones are going to be sporting a 3D sensing module in that notch at the top. The iPhone 9 is going to be more affordable than the remaining two OLED-featured iPhones, making it a terrific smartphone upgrade for lots of consumers who want to experience nearly the same performance, but at a cheaper price.

News Source: YouTube (Mac Otakara)