iPadOS 13 Features Mouse Support as an Accessibility Feature

Jun 3, 2019

iPadOS 13 adds mouse support for the Apple iPad and it is an accessibility feature. But there is one more thing you should know about.

Apple's direction for mobile has become pretty clear today. iOS is for the iPhone and iPadOS is for the iPad. The latter has a few extra features that immediately stand out compared to the iPhone version of the OS. For example, you can pin widgets directly on the home screen, which is a great deal if you love to see everything at a glance without having to swipe to a dedicated widget page. Also, Apple has added mouse support for navigating the display. This option can be found under the Accessibility pane in Settings > General.

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Wondering how it works? Here you go:

However, once the feature is enabled, you don't get a proper mouse pointer. You get a 'touch point' instead which you can control with a mouse. But here comes the kicker: you can't just go ahead and use any mouse to control it. If you were hoping to use your trusty old Bluetooth mouse to move the pointer around, then forget it. This feature is only forged to work with a wired mouse only. So basically, that rules out pretty much every Bluetooth Magic Mouse you had in mind. Also, you either have to opt for a USB-C mouse or have a dongle hanging from your keyboard in order to connect your trusty mouse to the tablet, which is not exactly ideal.

Given that Apple didn't even talk about the feature on stage goes on to show that Apple is not quite serious about bringing mouse support to its tablet lineup just yet. Just like dark mode, it's safe to assume that Apple won't make this feature a widely available option to everyone for at least a couple of years. That's what I think at least. I could be wrong here completely.

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