Apple iPad Pro To See 30% Reduced Thickness With Oxide TFT Display

Apart from the regular 9.7-inch iPad, Apple has no other large screen tablet in the market. But the Apple iPad Pro, a mythical device with a 12.9-inch display has been in the rumor mill for nearly a year now. And while Cupertino remains as tight lipped as ever about the device, we've managed to gather quite a lot on the fabled tablet so far. The iPad Pro will be catering to the professional sector and will come with a custom stylus that should correspond to Apple's very own Force Touch technology that is also expected to make the cut on the device.

Oxide TFTs The New Mantra At Apple As The iPad Pro Expected To Utilize Technology

Now, according to sources straight out of South Korea, the Oxide TFT industry in the country has started to increase production of said displays, and the feeling regarding its future is generally very optimistic. Oxide TFT has several advantages over other displays given its lower power consumption and reduced thickness, which should make it an even better contender for the iPad Pro.

What's more is that not only the sources expect the iPad Pro to be releasing this year, but Oxide TFT will be making it to other Apple devices as well. These include Macs, more iPads and potentially other Apple devices as well. The major players in Oxide TFT right now are Samsung, LG and Sharp, with the Japanese company being the largest manufacturer of displays so far.

In order to better accommodate to Apple's needs, the manufacturer intends to expands its production capacity even more, and given the general increase in the popularity of Oxide TFT panels it looks like all that news of the iPad Pro utilizing the advanced displays just might be true after all.

Stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below. We'll keep you updated on the latest.


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