The iPad Pro Takes An Insane Amount Of Time To Fully Charge Up


The iPad Pro has finally gone up for sale the world over in a staggering 40 countries, with many users getting to grips with Cupertino's new tablet at a fast pace. As we move slowly into the future, more and more tidbits regarding the tablet have started to surface, for example the iPad Pro doesn't support the always-on 'Hey Siri' feature like the iPhone 6s, and now, we've come across another interesting piece of information regarding the amount of time the 12.9-inch tablet takes to fully charge up.

iPad Pro

Four And A Half Hours Of Charging Time Is Simply Absurd

According to tests run by ArsTechnica, the iPad Pro charges from zero to full in a whopping four and a half hours. This amount of time is taken only under the condition that you do not use the tablet at all during the charging process. Now, the strange this is, Apple ships the iPad Pro with the very same charger that ships with the iPad Air, which is a 12W power adapter, which means the accessory has to put in more effort on the clock to fully charge the massive 10307mAh battery of Cupertino's new 12.9-inch slate.

See, the thing is, four and a half hours isn't a long time given the fact that you're going to charge the tablet overnight most of the time. But if you're planning to grab a quick charge at the airport or maybe at a coffee shop, then things might take a turn for the worse.

Apple iPad Pro 2

It still baffles us to this very day why Apple hasn't opted for fast charging given that most smartphone manufacturers have jumped onboard the bandwagon. We're certain that Apple has good reason behind it, but for the average user it's a missing feature and we all would love to see it make it onto the next iOS device that comes out of the Apple camp.

Strangely enough, Apple doesn't sell a more powerful charger than the 12W offering for iOS devices hence users have no other choice but to stick with slow charging for now, until or unless you're willing to invest in something even more powerful, which quite frankly, we wouldn't recommend, as it can potentially damage the hardware present in the iPad Pro.

If you bought the iPad Pro and found the charging time to be ridiculously absurd, then be sure to be vocal about it in the comments section below. Furthermore, do you think Apple should implement fast charging tech in its future hardware? We for one want it really, really bad!