iPad Pro Supply Chain Not Convinced That The Tablet Will Sell All That Much

Omar Sohail

iPad Pro is going to retail for $799 when it arrives during the month of November. Despite its gargantuan sized form factor and killer performance, the supply chain is not all that convinced about the popularity of the product.

Supply Chain Is Under The Impression That iPad Pro Will Not Contribute Much To Their Profits

While iPad Pro can also be used with a stylus called Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, (both of these accessories will have to be purchased separately) transforming it in to a makeshift laptop, the supply chain is worried about the large screen sized slate, pointing out that out of all the tablets, the newly announced one has received the smallest amount of orders, indicating that the 12.9 inch slate will not be adding much to their profits.

With a $799 starting price (which also includes 32GB of internal storage), it is not exactly the cheapest of mobile product around, but we are going to have to see how well iPad Pro does when it enters markets during the month of November. The tablet radiates a resolution of 2732 by 2048 pixels and features Apple’s A9X SoC. The chipset is 80 percent faster than A8X, and will deliver sufficient performance for users to edit three 4K streams effortlessly.

One other remarkable revelation comprising of iPad Pro’s hardware was that the slate features 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM. This important detail was leaked out by Adobe first, and was later confirmed through Xcode. According to the company, the tablet also delivers up to 10 hours of battery life and will also be available to purchase in the LTE model. All the pricing details have been mentioned below.

  • 32GB Wi-Fi only model: USD $799
  • 128GB Wi-Fi only model: USD $949
  • 128GB LTE model: USD $1,079

If the end-user intends on purchasing both accessories that can be used with iPad Pro, then they will cost the following.

  • Smart Keyboard: USD $169
  • Apple Pencil: USD $99

Purchasing a 32GB 12.9 inch iPad Pro, which also includes the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil will set the user back a grand total of USD $1,067, which is much higher compared to the $899 price stamped on the company’s 11.6 inch MacBook Air (which features 128GB of storage).

Do you guys feel that iPad Pro will be able to penetrate the market, or has the tablet market truly started to fade away? Let us know your thoughts.


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