iPad Pro Refresh Could Provide Wider Support for Apple Pencil, Along With Faster Display


Apple has been reported to release a total of three iPad Pro models. The larger one is going to retain its screen size of 12.9 inches, for whatever reason the company deems fit, and the latest report suggests that a widened Apple Pencil support coupled with a faster display could be seen on the new models. Now what do these terms mean? Looks like we will find out shortly

Faster Display on iPad Pro Could Mean Shifting Between Apps Quickly for Productivity Purposes – Wider Apple Pencil Support Could Prove an Upgrade for Designers

Keep in mind that an iPad Pro with an OLED panel is not going to be arriving in 2017, but will be slated for a 2018 release, so you’ll have to get used to seeing the traditional LCD panels that Apple has been using for its mobile devices. Coming to the upgrades, a faster display is quite an ambiguous term, because this display could either be related to a hardware upgrade, or Apple could introduce better features in its software to allow users to quickly swipe between applications in order to save time to get more work done.

As for the Apple Pencil support, lots of designers have displayed an affinity for the iPad Pro and its extended real estate and firepower that it delivers. Upgraded Apple Pencil support could allow them to complete their work with ease thanks to a series of new functions that could pop up on the display using the pen accessory. Right now, reports are fuzzy at best, but no doubt, in the later months, the secrets will start spilling regarding these features, so let us be patient for now.

While this is wishful thinking on my part, I really want Apple to bundle freebies such as the Apple Pencil and keyboard accessory with the iPad Pro. A large percentage of consumers cannot afford to spend too much money on a slate let alone its accessories, which to be honest should not carry exorbitant price tags. In this manner, it completely defeats the purpose if you have to purchase expensive accessories just to complete that experience.

Heck, I could just head out and purchase a very impressive machine for a $1000 bill and it could carry out the same functions and more. For those who can afford it and for those who are taken with Apple’s optimized iOS platform will find use for these upgrades. What sort of features do you think will be present in the upcoming iPad Pro models? Tell us right away.