Fresh iPad Pro Leak Showcases Key Features And Screen Size


With Samsung, HTC, LG and Sony nearly done with their product launches for the year, its time for rumors for Apple's upcoming product lineup to start making rounds. The iPad Pro is one Apple device that we've been hearing about for quite a while, with initial rumors appearing as early as last year. The company's iPad Air 2 was received warmly in the market, and now Cupertino seems to be moving towards larger screened tablets.

Latest iPad Pro Case Leak Hints At Massive Apple Device For This Year

The iPad Pro has been rumored to be coming with screen size exceeding 12 inches. Rumors have put the screen size for the device as far as 12.9 inches, and a latest case leak of the device ends up putting it at 12.5 inches.Apple's expected to be bringing several changes on the iPad Pro this year, with the device allegedly to aim towards more serious users. Not only is the iPad Pro expected to be coming with a larger screen, but stereo speakers will also be making a debut on the device, providing a balance between performance and entertainment.

If you've taken a look at the video above, you'll see that the case is 12 inches high and 8 inches wide. Total diagonal length for the printed mockup turns out to be 14.5 inches. Four ports are visible overall, with room also present for the much rumored stereo speakers. One out of the four ports on the side appears to be an additional port, that could be a source of a variety of functions. As to what processor should be expected on the iPad Pro, there's no word surrounding that yet. But it all depends on the device's launch as Apple has been taking correct steps with regard to processor updates on its devices. The A8X on the iPad Air 2 launched last year was a surprise for many, so lets see what the company has planned for its largest tablet to date. Stay tuned, we'll keep you updated and let us know what you think in the comments section. Cheers.