Leaked iPad Pro 2 Images Surface – Could Feature a 12.9-Inch Screen With A Powerful SoC

Omar Sohail
Leaked iPad Pro 2 Images Surface – Could Feature The Same Screen Size With A Powerful SoC

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro was one heck of a powerful slate and according to the latest image leak, Apple’s iPad Pro 2 has shown up, and could feature a powerful chipset that thwarts the remaining competition.

iPad Pro 2 Images Leak Only Show 12GB Of Internal Storage – Could Very Well Be For Internal Testing Purposes

According to AppleInsider, the model number designated to the alleged iPad Pro 2 is MH1C2CD/F, which has not been assigned to past iPad models before. However, the source states that the slate could be a legitimate successor of iPad Pro because of this traditional designation number. Furthermore, the identifier follows Apple's traditional device naming pattern, which to some extent proves that the slate belongs to the company’s iPad lineup of devices.

However, the source also mentions that the internal storage count of the leaked iPad Pro 2 is just 12GB, which is a modicum amount of storage, and will only be able to run the operating system and hardly install a few applications. We’d reckon that it could very well be for testing purposes since Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 family has been rumored to feature 256GB of internal memory as the highest memory model available.

Apple iPad Pro 2

Similarly, when iPad Pro 2 is announced, possibly this fall, it too could feature several storage models, and our hunch is that the upcoming slate is going to feature 32GB of onboard memory as the base model. As for the chipset, it is possible that the tablet is incorporated with an A10X SoC. A9X was a cut above the rest and while A10X is expected to be faster than its predecessor, we don’t expect the margin to be astronomical.

iPad Pro 2

This is because according to the latest leaked benchmark scores of A10, there is a much smaller score difference between this chipset and A9 than it was between A9 and A8. This could also mean the same performance bridge will be narrowed down when both A10X and A9X are taken for a test run. Whatever the case maybe, we will inform you at the earliest.


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