An iPad Mini 4 Likely This Year With Apple Skipping On The iPad Air 3

Apple's launch of the iPad Air 2 last year was one of its more impressive product revamps in the past couple of years. For a tablet lineup that seemed to be facing declining sales, Apple revamped the iPad Air 2 not only with improved aesthetics but also an improved A8X processor, that managed to outperform nearly every other in the tablet market. But looks like Apple's done with the iPad Air 2 for now and is looking to make similar changes to the iPad Mini 4 this year according to a latest report that has surfaced today.

Latest Reports Claim No iPad Air Upgrade This Year From Apple

Things have been tough for the tablet market and Apple in general. Tablets have reportedly been seeing lesser demand and enthusiasm from customers and this has already started to impact Apple's suppliers as well. Today, according to Chinese publication DigiTimes, Apple's tablet suppliers have started to look at other customers since the Cupertino firm has decided to tone it down when it comes to tablets.

However, before you rule out any iPad upgrades at all due to this, according to the Chinese, Apple's also busy with the iPad Mini 4 and its supply chain is busy manufacturing and providing components for Cupertino's latest compact tablet. We've been hearing quite a bit about the iPad Mini 4 over the past couple of days. Apple's tablet is expected to feature more upgrades than last year's Mini 3 did, with a fingerprint sensor and the iPad Air 2's A8X SoC rumored to make in on board the iPad Mini 4.

The iPad Mini 4 is also expected to see a significant thickness decrease which will add more to its overall design and if Apple really does launch the next iPad Mini with the A8X, then we should see some amazing performance results as well. But all of this leaves the future of the iPad Air in the balance, as an A8X on a smaller tablet will surely do no good for its larger brother. Perhaps Apple's looking to differentiate its larger tablets more through multitasking? We'll find out for sure. Stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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