iOS Classic Lane Splitter Goes FREE – Download it from Here ($0.99 Value)


An all-time favorite classic game Lane Splitter for iOS has gone free for iPhone and iPad users. The game will cost you $0.99 on a regular day.

Lane Splitter Goes Free for First Time in Years - Grab it Today and Experience the Classic

Given the age of iOS devices, we have accumulated a handful of classic games and apps over time. Lane Splitter is one of them, and carries a price tag of $0.99. But thanks to sheer luck and a cry of help (it seems), the game has gone free on the App Store for everyone to download and enjoy.

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What's the game about? Here's everything summed up in the title's App Store description itself:

Ride your motorcycle at insane speeds through ever changing traffic. Your reflexes will mean the difference between surviving or crashing in spectacular fashion. Do you have what it takes to reach TOP SPEED?

If you crave great gameplay along with extremely high speeds, then Lane Splitter is what you should be playing right now. But, if you want to experience this classic, it's best you download it without haste otherwise it will return to its original pricing. Tap on the link below to jump straight to the download page.

The game is compatible to run on all iOS devices regardless of their size. But having iOS 7 or above is a strict requirement which everyone should fulfill otherwise the game will remain incompatible regardless of what you do.

Wrap Up

Lane Splitter is no doubt a wonderful little game and reminds us of a brilliant classic called Road Rash. While the former has different game mechanics in a lot of ways, but the ultimate goal of survival is common in both. But, having taken the game for a spin on my own iPhone, I have to admit that it feels and plays wonderfully. There's no better way to chop off some minutes in the subway or a bus commute than with Lane Splitter.

Take it for a drive, and we are certain you will get the hang of it immediately. And remember: it's a fight for survival. Don't fall off your bike!