iOS 9.3.5 to iOS 9.3.2 Downgrade May Soon Become a Reality – Video


iOS 9.3.5 to iOS 9.3.2 downgrade may soon become a reality on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch devices according to a new video.

Apple Doesn't Support Downgrading to Unsigned Firmware, but All of That Could Change Soon with a Tool Called 'Prometheus'

If you're familiar with the world of downgrading then you're well aware of how it works. As long as an older firmware version is being signed by Apple, it's a simple case of using iTunes to restore your device back to it. But once the downgrade window is closed and Apple has stopped signing a firmware, there's no power in heaven or earth that take your device back to an older firmware version.

But, according to a newly released teaser video on YouTube of a tool called 'Prometheus,' it seems those days could be long gone and we might just be able to downgrade our devices from iOS 9.3.5 straight to iOS 9.3.2. The latter is the version of iOS that can be swiftly jailbroken using the currently available Pangu tool.

The description of the video on YouTube reads as follows:

This video shows a demo of prometheus downgrade, an upcoming tool which supports downgrading 64bit devices if APTicket (shsh files) are saved and certain other conditions are met.

It is currently unknown what conditions have to be met to be eligible for downgrade without jailbreak.

Now, the description of the video is more interesting than the video itself as it raises a lot of questions. First and foremost, what 'conditions' have to be met in order to make the downgrade happen in the first place? Secondly, why doesn't it support 32-bit devices? Or will support be added later when the tool is released into the public domain? We'll know the answer to all of these in the near future definitely.

Wrap Up

Quite frankly, we wouldn't encourage our readers to hold their breath for this downgrade tool just yet. Why? Because it's fairly obvious that a lot of work is needed to be done before things can move into the right direction. Also, a lot of questions need some serious answers as well.

We will definitely keep our readers updated regarding the progress of Prometheus in the days to come, so be sure to tune back in. Meanwhile, let us know in the comments section below why, or why not, you would use a tool like Prometheus?

We're quite certain you all have a good answer.