iOS 9 users, Wi-Fi Calling Is Now Available, But There Is A Catch


If you happen to be a user who has successfully updated their mobile products to Apple’s iOS 9 update, then you will be pleased to know that Wi-Fi calling has been activated. However, before you get started to use it, there are a few conditions that you will have to satisfy.

Wi-Fi calling Is Available For iOS 9 Users, But Only For AT&T Users

iOS 9 users who want to enable Wi-Fi calling on their mobile products will only be able to take advantage of the feature if they are running AT&T’s network on their handsets. According to a source, there were several iOS 9 users who were able to activate Wi-Fi calling and so, we are going to provide you with info on how to enable the feature on your iPhones as well (or any other iOS product that is running a cellular modem and is running iOS 9 as well).

What Is Wi-Fi Calling?

Wi-Fi calling is a feature that lets calls be placed over a wireless connection when cellular connectivity is poor.

Prerequisites Of Using Wi-Fi Calling?

If you want to start using Wi-Fi calling immediately, then you will need to have AT&T HD voice features enabled, along with an Internet connection. Wi-Fi calling can be used for voice calls within the United States, Puerto Rico, and United States Virgin Islands, and best of all, they will not carry any charge with them whatsoever.

However, long distance global voice calls will be charged at standard long distance rates. Once the setup process is complete, you will start to receive notifications in order to let you know that the feature has been activated. Keep in mind that the Wi-Fi calling feature will be available after a short activation period.

How Can I Turn On Wi-Fi Calling On My Mobile Product?

AT&T customers will be able to turn on Wi-Fi calling by going to Settings app of their device. Afterwards, they will be required to tap on the Phone section and they will clearly be able to view an option called ‘Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone’. You can choose to toggle on or toggle off this feature, and if you choose to enable the feature, then a confirmation box will appear in front of you asking you to confirm the enabling of this feature.

If you are an AT&T customer then do enable this feature and let us know how your ‘first-time’ experience went with the service.