iPhone 6s ‘Force Touch’ References Found In iOS 9 – Screenshot

With a ton of leaks flying around, it's almost a given that the iPhone 6s will indeed come packed with a Force Touch display, a technology which made its initial debut on the Apple Watch, before making its way to Apple's MacBook lineup. Now, a new revelation has surfaced, adding even more weight to the Force Touch notion on the iPhone 6s.


References To Force Touch Found In iOS 9

Hamza Sood, a famed iOS developer, was able to dive deep into iOS 9's source code and was able to uncover bits pertaining to Force Touch.

According to Hamza Sood on Twitter:

If you've been waiting for confirmation on the software side of the fence that Force Touch is indeed coming to the iPhone lineup, then today's proof is all you'll highly likely need.

Force Touch on the iPhone 6s will be likely used to bring up certain actions which would otherwise require the user to go through a routine of taps on the screen, such as creating a new message, for example. The technology, as we mentioned before, made its big debut on the Apple Watch, and has been praised by users far and wide since then.

Apple expanded the technology's horizon by bringing Force Touch to the Mac, after which it was a given that it would make its way to the iPhone or some other mobile device by the Cupertino giant.

It's expected that the fabled 12.9-inch iPad Pro would also come packed with a Force Touch display along with a custom stylus that would play nicely with the technology, opening new horizons to how we use the tablet's display.


Still, with Force Touch on the iPhone 6s, it would be interesting to see how the technology will play along on a larger display. Furthermore, given that it's the first time Force Touch is coming to the iPhone, we're certain that Apple will put a lot of limitations in place when it comes to how developers can use the tech, so don't expect anything insanely groundbreaking at first.

Coming back to iOS 9, the company's next-gen operating system for mobile devices is set for release this fall alongside a brand new pair of iPhones. The update will be absolutely free, and will ship with a ton of amazing new features such as Split View multitasking on the iPad, a smarter proactive assistant and much more.

We'll keep our eyes open for more developments in the days to come, so stay tuned to our coverage. Meanwhile, do let us know in the comments section what you think about today's revelation.

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