How to Find Previously Purchased Apps & Games in iOS 11 App Store

Uzair Ghani
iOS 11 App Store

The new iOS 11 App Store moves certain things around quite a bit. If you can't find your previously 'Purchased' apps or games, then let us help you out.

Apple Moved the Purchased Section in iOS 11 App Store to a New Location. Previous Position Was Far Better.

Previously, the App Store for iOS devices was designed in such a way that it allowed users to re-download their previously purchased (or downloaded) apps or games in a snap. Just tap on the Updates tab at the bottom and then select Purchased at the top. With the release of iOS 11, users have noticed that going to the Updates section only shows you app updates, nothing more. The Purchased section is now gone, making everyone believe that Apple might have removed it altogether. But don't panic, it's still there, except that it has been moved to a more obscure location. Makes us wonder why.

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Location of Purchased Section in New iOS 11 App Store.

Launch the App Store and tap on either Games, Apps or the Updates tab at the bottom. Now tap on your avatar on the top right hand corner. Now select Purchased. You'll immediately see your previously downloaded or purchased apps and games listed here.

If you have a freshly restored device at hand, then the removal of the Purchased section from its usual position might have come as a surprise for you. It did for me as well. But thankfully, the new location, now that you know about it, will come in handy for those who were completely unaware about it.

This isn't the only thing Apple has moved in iOS 11. AirDrop settings and even the Auto-Brightness toggle switch have found a new home in this new software release. It's clear that there are some things in Apple's software which you shouldn't fiddle around with that often. I sincerely hope the decision to move the Purchased section to a new location wasn't part of that plan.

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