iOS 11.1 Public Beta 5 is Now Available for Download


Right on cue, Apple's iOS 11.1 Public Beta 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod is now available for download. Here's how you can update.

iOS 11.1 Public Beta 5 is Now Available for Everyone. Try it Today for Free.

Having released iOS 11.1 Beta 5 a while back for developers, iOS 11.1 Public Beta 5 has been released for public testers. It's absolutely free, of course, and you can update your device right now if you so wish. I would highly recommend that you do so without hesitating since new beta updates add a fair bit of stability and improve performance by a great deal.

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In order to update your device to iOS 11.1 Public Beta 5, just follow the steps outlined below.

  • Connect to a Wi-Fi network and ensure you have more than 50% battery remaining on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
  • Once you've established that everything is in the green area, navigate to Settings > General > Software Update on your device.
  • Wait for the update to refresh. As soon as you see the new update, tap on the Download and Install button.

The download and installation process should not take that long and you will be required to restart your device. Use this time to grab yourself a cup of coffee or clean up the mess at your workspace. Once your device reboots, you can start using it as you normally would, except that things will be far smoother than before, hopefully.

Looking to try out iOS 11.1 Public Beta? You can do so absolutely free. Just head over to and sign up. It's an extremely quick process and the update will be pushed to you over the air in no time. But be warned - public betas might prove to be buggy. Be very well aware of such things before proceeding.

If you ever wish to return to the end-user update channel, then you may downgrade your device. But you will lose your data once you do, therefore make a complete backup using iTunes or iCloud.