iOS 10.1 Pop-Up Alert Warns Users of Apps That Can Cripple Device Performance


Apple has reinstated a warning with iOS 10.1 Beta regarding apps that can cripple your device's performance due to lack of updates.

32-bit Apps Blamed for Slowing Down iPhone, iPad - Apple Adds Warning Pop-up With iOS 10.1

During the course of iOS 10 Beta period, Apple threw in a pop-up message, warning users of apps that can affect the overall performance of the system. But strangely enough, when the final version of iOS 10 hit devices worldwide in September, the pop-up was removed altogether. Now though, the pop-up is back with iOS 10.1 Beta but with slightly shuffled literature, warning users of apps that only have 32-bit support.

The pop-up strictly states that apps not updated with 64-bit support can hinder the performance of your iPhone or iPad. Furthermore, the pop-up goes on to state that the developer must update their app to improve compatibility.

It remains to be seen at this point whether or not this pop-up will see the light of day once iOS 10.1 goes final in the weeks to come. But given how it disappeared with the final release of iOS 10, and how betas are aimed towards developers mainly, the pop-up might go in the background once again.

Apple mandated back in 2015 that all apps must be updated with 64-bit support. Strangely enough, many titles have been left out in the cold for reasons unknown. It's also worth mentioning here that apps submitted to Apple after June 1, 2015 must be 64-bit compatible otherwise they'll be rejected altogether. The Cupertino company went on further to state that if developers do not comply with the newly laid down guidelines, their apps would be removed from the App Store.

Wrap Up

If you're running the final build of iOS 10.x, you will not see the pop-up warning at all. Only iOS 10.1 Beta users will see it, therefore be careful when downloading and installing apps when running pre-release software.

It's actually great how Apple has baked in this warning with its beta software, giving users a heads up what can hinder the overall performance of their device. But, in all honesty, developers should make the push towards 64-bit apps if they are looking for love from Apple's end.

iOS 10.1 Beta is available to download directly from the Apple Developer Program website (paid, of course) as well Beta Software Program initiative, which happens to be free. If you're feeling daring enough to install iOS 10.1 Beta onto your device, then be my guest and hit the links below.