iOS 10 Adoption Jumps To More Than 66 Percent, Faster Than Previous Updates


It's been less than a month since Apple released its iOS 10 firmware to the public. At this time, iOS 10 is running on more than 66 percent of the devices according to Fiksu. Moreover, the iOS 10 adoption rate is faster than the previous iOS releases. Let's see some more details on the subject.

iOS 10 Adoption Is The Fastest Compared To Previous Updates

iOS 10 is a major upgrade considering the amount of features and the design changes introduced. Apart from some of the major visual changes, iOS 10 brings a revamped Messages app along with a redesigned Apple Music platform that appears to be more bold than before. Of course, there are under the hood improvements along with a handful of minor tweaks in the Notification Center. The Lock screen also has also been a subject to design variations with a dedicated widget screen on the left.

Mixpanel is recording the iOS 10 adoption rates, which is now topping 66 percent since Sunday. As shown in the graph the iOS 10 adoption rate is topping 66 percent, more than any other past iOS release. Even though, the release of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus contribute to the two third of users adopting iOS 10, it definitely isn't the only factor. iOS 10 on it own was a major upgrade and most users were looking forward to it. Since Apple does not push users into installing iOS 10, the choice rests on users' behalf.

Fiksu iOS 10

Before the release of iOS 10, iOS 9 rested on 88 percent of active device base. A month later, iOS 10 is close to that number. It can simply be summed up that there are now more devices running iOS 10 than iOS 9. There are also users who restrain themselves from upgrading to the latest firmware. Most of them are users that deem to keep the jailbroken status. Updating to the latest version would kill the jailbreak and then there will be no turning back. It's one of the possibilities that kept iOS 10 from scoring an even higher adoption rate.

The trend in adopting iOS 10 escalated rapidly by the end of September and there are no possible explanations as to what could have caused this. Initially, when iOS 10 was released, it seemed that the new upgraded firmware would fall behind the rate at which iOS 9 was adopted. However, that did not turn out to be true as there are more than 66 percent of devices running iOS 10.

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