iOS 10.3 Public Beta 2 for iPhone & iPad Released


You can now download iOS 10.3 Public Beta 2 for your iPhone or iPad. The update process is simple, and you can try out the build for free if you want.

iOS 10.3 Public Beta 2 is Now Available for Beta Testers - Update Today

Apart from the developer oriented betas which Apple releases on a regular basis, you'll be pleased to learn that the company has a dedicated program for public testers as well. Using this program, you can try out the latest iOS and macOS beta builds on your device without having to throw $99 on an Apple Developer Program membership.

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Currently, Apple has iOS 10.3 and macOS 10.12.4 up for testing. Today, the former has been updated to Beta 2, bringing forth bug fixes and performance enhancements. In case you are wondering, iOS 10.3 Beta brings to the table a lot of great new features such as Find My AirPods and more. Basically, it's an update which no one should skip, until or unless you have good reason to do so.

If you have iOS 10.3 Public Beta 1 installed on your iPhone or iPad, then updating to the latest release is a piece of cake. Simply connect to a WiFi network, navigate to Settings > General > Software Update and install the available update from there. And since you will be required to restart your device therefore be ready to do so. It's best to leave your iPhone or iPad on charge during the installation process, ensuring things are all nice and juiced up.

Once the installation is complete and your device has booted up, you can use it as you normally would. But remember, if you are installing Public Beta software for the first time, make sure you are well aware of all the risks that come attached with beta software. It's buggy, and things can go south without prior notice.

But ultimately, the final decision whether or not you wish to install the software on your iPhone, iPad or any other device, lies with you. While you are at it though, make sure you send those important crash reports back to Apple though. This will help the company push out an even more stable build to the public.