Intel’s Upcoming 22nm Ivy Bridge CPU’s to be Compatible with LGA1155.

Hassan Mujtaba

Great News by Intel as the upcoming Ivy Bridge Processors by them are going to be compatible with their current LGA1155 Socket Motherboard which means you won't have to spend extra on purchasing a new motherboard for the new processors. Reports also suggest that Sugar Bay 2011 would also stick with LGA 1155.

However there seems to be an issue with the Cougar point PCH chipset in current LGA1155 motherboard lineup and it looks like it won't be able to support the newer processors. Although the Panther Point PCH is pin compatible with the Cougar Point PCH but this will allow motherboard manufacturer's to build newer and faster motherboards so in the end High-End users would have to change/upgrade their boards to something better.

The new Ivy Bridge Platform supports USB 3.0 and can play Direct X11 Graphics making it ideal for guys without any discrete solution. Another update is that it'll allow support of 3 display at one time. Release date for the new Ivy Bridge processors is set for Q1 2012 as in January 2012. Hope no delays come in the way by Intel. 😉


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