Intel’s Ivy Bridge 22nm Processors to arrive as early as 2H 2011.

Hassan Mujtaba

While Intel's current Sandy Bridge lineup is haunted by the Cougar Point P67/H67 Chipset error, They've already planned to introduce the next line of CPU's codenamed "Ivy Bridge" as early as this June. The New CPU's as we already know would be based on a 22nm die and would probably show up at this Years Computex 2011 in Taipei.

The new Processors will feature DX11 instead of the older DX10.1 and OpenGL3 on the Sandy Bridge processors and would also increase the number of EU's in the graphics sub-system upto 24. Being based on a similar architecture to Sandy Bridge means that it'll still support DDR3 Dual Channel memory and support the LGA1155 socket.

Intel’s Upcoming 22nm Ivy Bridge CPU’s to be Compatible with LGA1155.


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