Intel’s Core i7 3960X Available to Pre-Order for US$1,226, Other LGA 2011 Processors and X79 Motherboards available too


Several Online retailers have started listing Intel's Upcoming Sandy Bridge-E Processors which are now available for Pre-Orders along with X79 (LGA 2011) based Motherboards which have also started appearing for Pre-Orders. The Sandy Bridge-E Processors available include the three models listed below:

  • Core i7 3960X (Details here)
  • Core i7 3930K (Details here)
  • Core i7 3820 (Details here)

The 3960X which is the flagship model of the Sandy Bridge-E platform is listed for 1,226US$ while the original retail price is 1000US$, The Processor Engineering Sample of the chip was also available a month ago on a Chinese Online store for 2000US$.

If you think the Pre-Order Price for 3960X is a bit high you might wanna check out the second model "Core i7 3930K" which is going for US$912 in China and US$776 in UK, The original price for the Six Core Unlocked chip would be 583$ when it finally hits store 2 weeks later.

The Core i7 3820 is also available for US$550, The processor was delayed till Q1 2012 and the original price for the Quad Core chip is 294$. Intel has also detailed that only a handful of 3960X and 3930K's would be available at launch since the current models are based on the older C2 stepping and Intel is now preparing C3 stepping of the Sandy Bridge-E processors, Another D Stepping is also rumored to come around Q2/Q3 2012.

A few motherboards have also started appearing which includes high end X79 based boards such as ASUS's recently revealed Rampage IV Extreme which is available for an insane price of US$945 (Motherboard detailed here) while the MSI's X79A-GD65 8D is available for US$472 (Motherboard detailed here).

You can check out pricing details of Intel's Sandy Bridge-E processors over here.