Intel’s 22nm Ivy Bridge (Mobile) Processor Exposed, Die Size and Architecture Detailed


Intel's Upcoming Ivy Bridge Processors have been exposed to the public and Die Size and Architecture of the First Mobile Processors have already been detailed. Successor to current Sandy Bridge Platform, Ivy Bridge would feature a 22nm Architecture Design featuring Less Power Consumption/Cost while increasing the performance per core at the same time.

The Ivy Bridge Mobile Chip detailed here was a High Tier Quad Core Model featuring 8 threads and was compared side by side with Sandy Bridge's Top Tier Core i7 2960XM Processor. The core area is clearly seen smaller on the Ivy Bridge CPU when compared to Sandy Bridge's sample:

While the Desktop models would be compatible with LGA-1155 Socket based on Z68 Chipset Motherboards, The Mobile lineup would be compatible with the Socket G2 (988 pin) and would also be supported by current 6 Series chipset provided that the BIOS of the motherboards are updated. Being technically same, Both Ivy and Sandy Bridge would feature the same amount of pins and would be compatible on the same boards.

The Die Size was measured using Vernier Calipers and Following are the dimensions of both CPU's:

  • Sandy Bridge Core i7 2960XM: 10.54x21.88= 230.6152
  • Ivy Bridge Mobile Quad Core: 8.52x20.26= 172.6152

(About 25% Decreased Core Area than Sandy Bridge)

Although current 6 Series Chipset's Support Ivy Bridge well but Intel has still recommended Manufacturer's to equip the Ivy Bridge Processors with the new 7 Series Chipset's to get the most out of the new CPU's with features such as  native PCI-E 3.0 and USB 3.0 support.

The Main Advantages Ivy Bridge Architecture features over Sandy bridge is an Improved memory controller, L3 cache, optimized instruction set which would result in a better Per Core Performance and Ivy Bridge would also implement a DX11 IGP for the first time in Intel's Processors which would provide features such as Triple Screen Output, Parallel computing and Better GPU performance in Games and Applications. Ivy Bridge will Launch in Q2 2012.

You can check out more slides below or head over to Source.

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