Intel SSD 530 Series Arriving Next Week – Feature NGFF M.2 Interface

Hassan Mujtaba

Intel is preparing their new line of SSD 530 series which would feature the latest M.2 interface with NGFF (Next Generation Form Factor), reports VR-Zone. The SSD 530 series was previously planned to debut in June 2013 but have been post-poned till next week.

Intel SSD 530 Series Arriving in August With New M.2 Interface

The SSD 530 series would replace the current SSD 520 2.5" and SSD 525 mSATA drives which are based on 25nm MLC. The SSD 530 series would feature an updated 20nm MLC NAND Flash featuring support for M.2 interface in the NextGen form factor. Intel's SSD 530 series would most probably use the LSI SandForce SF-2281 controller but it hasn't been confirmed yet.

Capacity Product Code Product Description
80 GB SSDSCKGW080A401 530 Series, 80 GB, MLC M.2
180 GB SSDSCKGW180A401 530 Series, 180 GB, MLC M.2
180 GB SSDSCKBW180A4K5 530 Series, 180 GB, MLC 2.5" 7.0mm
240 GB SSDSCKBW240A4K5 530 Series, 240 GB, MLC 2.5" 7.0mm
360 GB SSDSCKGW360A401 530 Series, 360 GB, MLC M.2

Following Image is courtesy of VR-Zone!
SSD 530 Series Lineup

The SSD 530 series would be available in capacities of 80 GB, 180 GB, 240 GB, 360 GB and 480 GB. At launch, only two 2.5" form factor SSD's would be available in 180 GB and 240 GB capacities while for the mSATA lineup, four SSD's would be available in 80 GB, 180 GB, 240 GB and 360 GB capacities. We would also be looking at 1 TB to 2 TB capacities in the P3700/P3500 series for DATA center family using PCIe interface and S3500 on the SATA interface.

The Pro 3700 PCIe SSDs would make use of 20 nm MLC HET NAND technology and would range upto 2 TB and 1.6 TB capacities. The P3500 series SSDs would stick to the current 20nm MLC NAND and feature 2 TB to 1 TB store capacity. The SATA S3500 Series SSD would only be available in 1.6 TB capacity in the 2.5" form factor. The Data center SSD's are planned for launch in first quarter of 2014. In Q4 2013, Intel would also release an update to its Pro family "Pro 2500 Series" although the capacities and process are yet to be determined.

Pricing for Intel's 530 Series SSD's have not been confirmed, expect more information in this month.

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