Intel Splits AXG Into Two, Raja Koduri Takes On The Helm of Chief Architect Once Again

Usman Pirzada

Intel, today announced that Raja Koduri would (again) be taking up the helm of Intel’s Chief Architect and looking after not just the GPU side of things, but the CPU and AI arms as well. His job description can be described as being expanded to look after the overarching cohesion and the convergence of CPU, GPU and AI architectures.

Restructuring at Intel: Arc Graphics will now be part of Client Computing Group as Raja Koduri becomes Chief Architect once again

Raja recently announced on Twitter that he was going through extensive health problems so this move seems to be designed to reduce the amount of direct engineering burden on him while he goes through the recovery process after his surgery. Knowing full well what our audience will ask keeping mind recent rumors, Intel has confirmed that this is just a restructure and they will remain absolutely committed to Battlemage and Celestial with Raja still being responsible for the overall direction and roadmap of the architectures.

We were able to get the following quote from the company:

Discrete graphics and accelerated computing are critical growth engines for Intel. With our flagship products now in production, we are evolving our structure to accelerate and scale their impact and drive go-to-market strategies with a unified voice to customers. This includes our consumer graphics teams joining our client computing group, and our accelerated computing teams joining our datacenter and AI group.

In addition, Raja Koduri will return to the Intel Chief Architect role to focus on our growing efforts across CPU, GPU and AI, and accelerating high priority technical programs.

– Intel Spokesperson to Wccftech

Furthermore, Intel is also restructuring the former AXG group by breaking it up into two. While the term AXG was previously used to loosely define the entire team that Raja lead, it will now only be used to describe the supercomputing business with teams led by Jeff McVeigh, Masooma Bhaiwala, Vineet Goel, Jason Gunderson, Anton Kaplanyan, Taher Madraswala, Murali Ramadoss and Brijesh Tripathi. The new AXG will move to be part of the Datacenter and AI (DCAI) Group. The group will be led by Jeff McVeigh, who will report to Sandra Rivera while a search is conducted for a permanent AXG lead.

Meanwhile the Arc Graphics side of things will join the Client Computing Group under the leadership of Lisa Pearce who will report to Michelle Johnston Holthaus. This is, of course, the group that gamers care about and will be the one you should track for Battlemage and Celestial GPUs. As we have already mentioned, Intel has re-confirmed that nothing has changed with regards to their GPU roadmap and this restructure is likely only designed to reduce the workload on Raja Koduri.

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