Intel Skylake-S Processors Delayed to September/October 2015

Intel Skylake-S processors were slated for arrival in June/July by all the leaks preceding this one, but now we have confirmation from various sources that Intel has shifted the processors launch to September/October 2015. That means that Skylake is approximately a year away.

Intel Broadwell and Skylake Platform

Intel Skylake-S Processors Arriving on 37th to 47th Week of 2015

Before we go any further, the first question that will undoubtedly be on your minds is why? Well, because broadwell processors will not be appearing till the start of 2014, from Intel's perspective it makes no sense to release Skylake this early. Since Broadwell-K will arrive sometime in early 2015,pushing skylake sometime in June/July  doesn't make much sense from a marketing point of view. You don't launch a competitive product till the lifecycle of the previous one has at least passed maturity. Simply put, Intel is taking its merry time because there is literally no competition about.

The leak actually stems from the leaked set of Intel's slides (that I will not post here) which mentions the RTM of Skylake-S. RTM is basically the readty to market milestone of Intel which depicts that at this time the processors will bre ready for shipping. This milestone is currently set to 37th to 47th week of 2015, which translates to "end of August till end of October. Basically the September/October timeframe.

As always, the mobility chips will release first, followed by the mainstream desktop counterparts after a month or so. I am not sure how this affects ( if at all) the introduction of Skylake-K. Since the 'S' and 'K' variants are mutually compatible and can launch/exist at the same time. It would make much more sense for them to launch both Skylakes together instead of the utter mess that launching a Broadwell-unlocked and a Skylake-locked SKU would have caused. Digitimes has also published this information.

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