New Intel Roadmap charts Detail Sandy Bridge-E and Ivy Bridge Pricing

A new Roadmap from Intel has been leaked which shows the Release Dates and Pricing of Intel's Upcoming Sandy Bridge-E and Ivy Bridge Processors. According to the roadmap 2 Six Core Sandy Bridge-E Processors will launch in Q4 2011 followed with a Quad Core model in Q1 2012 while Ivy Bridge i7/i5 CPU's would launch in Q2 2012 and the i3 Lineup would be released in late Q2 2012.

Starting up with the Sandy Bridge-E lineup which would include two Six Core Unlocked "K" Models. One would be the flagship Core i7 3960X Extreme Edition Processor (3.30/3.90Ghz) with 15Mb L3 Cache priced at 999$ while the other Core i7 3930K Processors (3.20/3.80Ghz) with 12Mb L3 Cache would cost 583$ which makes them fall under the 990$ - 555$ Price Segment similar to past Core i7 900 Series Processors since the Core i7 3000 Series (LGA 2011) would replace the LGA 1366 CPU's.

The Entry Level Quad Core i7 3820 which comes with a locked Multiplier features a 3.60 Stock and 3.90Ghz Turbo Boost Frequency and a 10Mb L3 Cache, priced at 294$ making it fall under the 285$ Price Segment. Note that a faster flagship Sandy Bridge-E CPU "Core i7 3980X" would release in Q1-Q2 2012. Details on that here.

Next up is Intel's Ivy Bridge Platform which would replace the current Sandy Bridge (LGA 1155) Platform. All Ivy Bridge Processors are reported to be compatible with current Z68 Motherboards. The Ivy Bridge "Core i7/ i7 K" Lineup would fall under the $285 Price Range while the "Core i5/ i5 K" would fall under the 175 - 209$ Price Range. Intel would release the i3 Lineup a bit late which would be available at 112 - 137$ Price Range.

Also there have been lots of Benchmarks on Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge-E which we have reported in the posts below:

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