Intel Reportedly Preparing X99 Chipset To Power Future HEDT Platform


X99 ChipsetIt has been reported by TweakTown that Intel could possibly be preparing a new X99 chipset to power their upcoming LGA 2011 HEDT (High-End Desktop) platform. Additionally, TweakTown reports that Intel would also reveal their Z87 Haswell motherboards on Computex while possibility remains that some manufacturer's maybe showcasing them at the CeBIT 2013 starting from 5th March.

Intel's 8-Series Lynx Point based motherboards have already been thoroughly detailed by us in two separate article. You can find the feature details here while you can head over to the link over here to see the product list of Intel's upcoming motherboard lineup. Point to be noted though that the 8-Series chipset motherboards would be the last board's manufactured and offered by Intel themselves after which they will leave the task on partners which include ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, ASRock, etc. This would also mark the transition of Intel processors from LGA to BGA packaging which would limit the users to upgrade the processors since processors would be pretty much soldered on the motherboards permanently as currently seen on Intel's NUC kits.

Intel X99 Chipset - Powering Intel's Future HEDT Platforms

The Intel X99 Chipset which has not been confirmed would be the successor to X79 chipset. The motherboards would be based around the LGA 2011 socket allowing compatibility with Sandy Bridge-E CPUs. However there's something else TweakTown reports that Intel may most probably ditch their Ivy Bridge-E processors and instead launch their Haswell-E processors this year. We can't say how much truth does this hold since an Intel roadmap showcased not only over two months ago revealed Ivy Bridge-E's launch during Q3 2013 so whether or not Tweak Town's statement hold any truth only time would tell.

As for Haswell, Intel would reveal their fourth generation core "Haswell" on 2nd June right in time of Computex. You can check out the complete CPU lineup here.