Intel Releases ‘Bay Trail-M’ Price List for Select SKUs – Celeron N2830, N2930 and Pentium 3530 Released

Intel, added the Celeron N2830, the first of the Bay-Trail-M SoC (System on Chip) to the official price list, last week. However it has now updated the official price list with 2 more SKUs. Not only that but they have also revealed more information about the Celeron N2830

Bay Trail-M

Intel Updates Pre-Order Price List for Bay Trail-M SKUS - Further Details Celeron N2830

The N2830 is basically a successor of the N2820 and apparently it only had improved CPU and GPU clock speeds. However intel released a few more details on the processor this week. Intel revealed that the N2830 has two new features, mentioning in the same breath the N2930 and Pentium 3530. Now the N2830 basically has 2 cores which share between them 1 MB of L3 Cache. The N2830 is clocked at 2.16 Ghz and has burst up to 2.41 Ghz. Now these are about the same as the N2820 with a margin of around 10 Mhz. Now here are the things Intel pointed out:

  • The N2830 Features Newer Core Stepping
  • The N2830 features support for DDR3L-1333 memory
  • The N2830 has Quick Sync Technology enabled.

However on the other hand the Celeron N2930 and Pentium 3530 are both Quad Cores. They are clocked at 1.83 Ghz (2.16 Ghz max) and 2.16 Ghz (2.58 Ghz max) respectively and as nomenclature would dictate, are very similar to the N2920 and N3520 SKUs. Now interestingly compared to the predecessors the burst frequency has been increased by 160 Mhz which is quite significant in the Celeron and Pentium series. The N3530 has a higher GPU baseclock by 42 Mhz while the N2930 supports DDR3L-1333 memory. Both support Quick Sync Tech. TDP of these SoCs is 7.5 W throughout the lineup.

Model Cores /
Base / burst
Memory TDP Price
Celeron N2820 2 / 2 2.13 / 2.39 GHz 1 MB 311 / 756 MHz DDR3L-1066 7.5W $132
Celeron N2830 2 / 2 2.16 / 2.41 GHz 1 MB 313 / 750 MHz DDR3L-1333 7.5W $107
Celeron N2920 4 / 4 1.86 / 2 GHz 2 MB 311 / 844 MHz DDR3L-1066 7.5W $132
Celeron N2930 4 / 4 1.83 / 2.16 GHz 2 MB 313 / 854 MHz DDR3L-1333 7.5W $107
Pentium N3520 4 / 4 2.17 / 2.42 GHz 2 MB 313 / 854 MHz DDR3L-1333 7.5W $180
Pentium N3530 4 / 4 2.16 / 2.58 GHz 2 MB 313 / 896 MHz DDR3L-1333 7.5W

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