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Intel Officially Announces the SSD 910 PCI Express Family


Intel has officially announced its SSD 910 "Ramsdale" PCI-Express SSD family which is the company's first SSD to feature the PCI-e add-on card form-factor design. The new SSD utilizes the HET-MLC NAND flash chips which are arranged in two/four sub-units.

The SSD 910 is made up of three stacked PCB's with connectivity provided through a PCI-Express 2.0 x8 bus interface, The PCB with the interface holds the SAS Bridge (A Raid Controller) and four SAS/NAND ASICs. Each of the controller is wired to the NAND memory chips located on the other PCBs. The SAS PCIe bridge has been made by LSI.

The SSD comes in two variants, A 800GB model and a 400GB one. The 400GB has two sub-units which provide 1 GB/s reads and 750 MB/s writes, with 90,000 IOPS reads, with 38,000 IOPS writes and the 800GB variant with its four sub-units and a greater number of on-board controllers gives 2 GB/s reads with 1 GB/s writes, and 180,000 IOPS reads, with 75,000 IOPS writes.

The retail price of the 910 Series 400GB SSD would be US $1,929 and the 800GB SSD would cost US $3859.