Intel Launching 3rd Generation “Ivy Bridge” Processors on April 23rd

Intel has moved up the launch date of their upcoming Ivy Bridge processors to April 23rd. Initially, the Ivy Bridge processors were delayed till April 29th for unknown reasons, Now Intel is aiming to launch seven new Core i 3***Series processors on April 23rd.

The lineup includes the following processors:

  • Core i7 3770K - $320
  • Core i7 3770S - $285
  • Core i7 3770   - $285
  • Core i5 3570K - $220
  • Core i5 3550   - $199
  • Core i5 3450   - $182
  • Core i5 3450S - $182
Other details such as clock speeds and TDP on several Core i7/i5/i3 "Ivy Bridge" models can be found here. In addition to the Ivy Bridge Processors, Intel would also launch its new 7-Series Chipset on April 8th. This is when various motherboard manufacturers would announce the launch of their Z77/H77/H75 chipset based motherboards which would allow compatibility with Ivy Bridge processors on the Socket LGA1155. 
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