Intel Ivy Bridge-Y Mobile Series Specifications Detailed – Feature 10W TDP


Specifications of Intel's upcoming Ivy Bridge-Y series have been detailed which we reported to arrive in first quarter of 2013. The new Ivy Bridge-Y series consist of four Core series models and a  Pentium series model.

Intel Goes Low Power with Ivy Bridge-Y CPUs

Out of the Ivy Bridge-Y series lineup, only the Pentium based 2129Y CPU comes with a rated TDP of 10W. Specifications include a dual core design, 2 MB Cache and a frequency of 1.10 GHz.

The faster Core series versions come with 13W TDPs but can be configured by OEMs to run at 10-7W specs though reducing the performance capabilities. Following are the specification of addition Ivy Bridge-Y series processors:

Ivy Bridge-Y Specs

Image Courtesy of VR-Zone!

The fastest Core i7-3689Y is a multithreaded dual core operating at 1.50 GHz base and 2.60 GHz Boost frequency with 4 MB Cache. The Core i5-3439Y and Core i5 3339Y operate at 1.50 GHz Base clock but different Boost frequencies of 2.30 GHz on 3439Y and 2.00 GHz on 3339Y. The Core i3-3229Y is the slowest of the core series but unlike the Pentium model does come with Hyperthreading and a base clock of 1.40 GHz (No Turbo Boost). All Core i5 and Core i3 models feature 3 MB L3 Cache.

In addition to these, All Ivy Bridge-Y models would support DDR3L-RS/DDR3L/DDR3 memory rated at 1600 MHz and Intel HD 4000 series graphics with clock speed set at 850 MHz. All CPUs would be shipped with the BGA package for low power Ultrabooks/Tablets.