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Intel Ivy Bridge Sells with 95W TDP Label but Runs at 77W at Max Load


Intel's Ivy Bridge is yet to launch but we've been hearing quite some bad news about it when it comes to overclocking compared to Sandy Bridge and recently, Retail box pictures of a Core i7 3770K showed that the CPU would retain the 95W TDP, Initially said to feature a 77W design. Nordichardware's article confirms that even though the CPU's are being labeled with the 95W Thermal design power, Their actual max TDP still is set at 77W.

The reason for this is that Intel wants to keep the maximum TDP value for its Ivy Bridge processors, So even if you get a retail Ivy Bridge processors at launch with the 95W label, It would actually consume not more than 77W and in some cases even lower than that. This goes for each high-end ivy bridge model with 4 Cores and Hyper Threading including the flagship Core i7 3770K.

Furthermore, Nordic speculates that one of two reasons could be that the 95W TDP on Ivy bridge could showcase that Intel would aim to launch a new flagship later on, One which features upto 6 Cores or maybe some ridiculously higher clock speeds on future models.

Second reason could be compatibility of both generation processors with the Socket LGA1155 boards. Intel thinks that motherboard manufacturers may start pushing products which are specifically designed to handle processors with 77W, This would adversely affect the Sandy bridge users which were earlier suggested that their CPU's would be compatible with the new Z77 boards.

Speculation aside, This is finally some good news for Ivy Bridge fans that the 95W TDP label is just a gimmick from Intel and actual TDP remains under 77W. Although but overclocking could get a bit nasty due to higher temperatures, For more details head over to the link below:

Intel Ivy Bridge Once again features 95W TDP – Core i7 3770K Retail Box Pics Confirm

Special thanks to Nordichardware for providing the news.