Intel Ivy Bridge Processors Now Available for Sale


Announced last week, The Intel 3rd generation Ivy Bridge processors are now available for sale through several retail channels. A total of 7 Ivy Bridge based quad core processors have hit retail which include the following:

  • Intel Core i7 3770K - $349.99
  • Intel Core i7 3770S - $319.99
  • Intel Core i7 3770 - $319.99
  • Intel Core i5 3570K - $249.99
  • Intel Core i5 3550 - $219.99
  • Intel Core i5 3450S - $199.99
  • Intel Core i5 3450 - $199.99

The processors were announced on 23rd April, You can check out our review for more details on performance and specifications of the Ivy Bridge Core processors. You can head over to Newegg to check the listings. Dual Core Ivy Bridge processors are also expected to launch around June 2012 under the Core i3 branding.