Intel Core i5 and Core i7 Mobile Haswell Refresh Arrives – 10 New SKUs with the Usual Upgrades

Intel released 9 New Haswell based Mobile Processors and the Lone Celeron Processor today. The SKUs feature the usual architectural improvement while upping the frequency by 100 Mhz compared to predecessors.

9 New Haswell Mobile SKUs and One Celeron SKU Added to Intel's Price List.

The new Haswell Mobile SKUs include the Core i5-4310M, i5-4310U, i5-4340M and i5-4360U, 7-4610M, i7-4810MQ, i7-4860HQ, i7-4910MQ, and Core i7-4940MX Extreme Edition.

Firstly a few things to keep in mind:

  • The U Suffix indicates the Ultra Low Voltage Range.
  • The M Suffix indicates the normal Mobile Processor Range.
  • The MQ Suffix indicates the use of the HD 460.
  • The HQ suffix indicates the use of the Iris Pro Graphics.
  • The MX Suffix indicates an unlocked multiplier and refers to the high end spectrum of mobile processors.
  • The Refresh Nomenclature has been had 0010 added to it. Ie an i7 4850HQ has been renamed to an i7 4860HQ.

Without further ado, the list of new SKUs:

SKU Cores Threads Clock L3 cache iGPU Price
Celeron 2980U 2 2 1.6 Ghz 2 MB HD Graphics (Haswell) $107
Core i5-4310M 2 4 2.7 GHz 3 MB HD 4600 $225
Core i5-4310U 2 4 2 GHz 3 MB HD 4400 $281
Core i5-4340M 2 4 2.9 GHz 3 MB HD 4600 $266
Core i5-4360U 2 4 1.5 GHz 3 MB HD 5000 $315
Core i7-4610M 2 4 3 GHz 4 MB HD 4600 $346
Core i7-4810MQ 4 8 2.8 GHz 6 MB HD 4600 $378
Core i7-4860HQ 4 8 2.4 GHz 6 MB HD 5200 $434
Core i7-4910MQ 4 8 2.9 GHz 8 MB HD 4600 $568
Core i7-4940MX 4 8 3.1 GHz 8 MB HD 4600 $1096

The predecessor processors to these new arrivals are the Core i5-4300M, i5-4300U, i5-4330M, i5-4350U, i7-4600M, i7-4800MQ, i7-4850HQ, i7-4900MQ and i7-4930MX respectively. Contrary to what you might read on other sites the Celeron 2980U is not a new arrival but rather a relaunch with around $30 of price reduction.

The prices range from $107 dollars to a massive $1096. The highest end of the spectrum, the i7-4940MX, with an unlocked multiplier,  4 Physical Cores/ 8 Threads, 3.1Ghz Clock Speed and 8 MB Cache. It also has an HD 4600 iGPU.  Though common sense would tell you that going from the i7-4910MQ to the i7-4940M does not justify the $528 Price Increase.

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