Intel Readies Core i3-7360X, A Dual Core Kaby Lake-X Processor For The X299 Platform – Features 4.0 GHz Clock Speed and 112W TDP

Hassan Mujtaba

If you thought things couldn't get any more weirder on the Intel X299 platform, you were wrong. It looks like Intel has silently been readying a new SKU for the recently launched platform which does not come close to the meaning of "enthusiast" in any way.

Intel Core i3-7360X Dual Core Kaby Lake-X Processor For The HEDT X299 Platform In The Works

To be known as the Intel Core i3-7360X, the processor comes at a really weird time. Intel is going to launch their 14, 16, 18 core processors in a couple of weeks and their Coffee Lake desktop family is also headed for launch in early October. So cramming a dual core chip when the replacement Core i3's are going to feature high core count doesn't make sense, or does it?

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Well, in terms of specifications, the Core i3-7360X is part of the Kaby Lake X family and as such, has the new 14nm+ architecture on board. The chip comes with two cores and four threads and is very similar to the Core i3-7350K that is available on the 200-series platform. The difference is within the clocks and TDP. The chip comes with a standard base clock of 4.00 GHz but boosts up to 4.30 GHz. There's 4 MB of L3 cache and a total of 16 PCI Express lanes are available natively from the chip. In terms of TDP, the chip has a 112W design compared to the 60W TDP on the Core i3-7350K. That is pretty much the standard on all Kaby Lake X chips.

The Intel Core i3-7360X sits next to the Core i3-7350K and features a thicker and larger PCB. (Image Credits: Videocardz)

As far as pricing and performance is concerned, the leak alleges that the chip would cost around $220 US. That is much higher than the Core i3-7350K which retails around $170 US. Performance wise, the chip is stated to be just 1.25% faster than the Core i3-7350K so basically the same chip on a different platform.

Intel Core i3-7360X and Core i3-7350K Specs Comparison:

CPU NameIntel Core i3-7350KIntel Core i3-7360X
CPU FamilyKaby LakeKaby Lake X
CPU Cores22
CPU Threads44
Max Clock Speed4.20 GHz4.30 GHz
L3 Cache4 MB L34 MB L3
Socket SupportLGA 1151LGA 2066
Chipset Support200-SeriesX299-Series
Price$169 US~$220 US

Now here's my take on the new CPU, sure it sounds totally confusing but chips with lower core Intel chips on a HEDT platform actually go quite well with extreme memory and LN2 overclocks. Given that memory makers are launching new 4600 MHz SKUs, the Kaby Lake - X platform is very well suited for hitting the maximum speeds with such kits. So the chip may have a purpose but only for a niche market. For those who can wait a little, the next generation Core i3 will feature higher cores and better clocks at lower TDP.

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