Intel’s Broadwell-K Desktop LGA Processors Sip 65W TDP – Have Iris Pro Graphics and eDRAM

An important update on the 14nm Broadwell Processors has appeared. The source is the very reliable Apparently these 14nm processors are going to have a TDP of just 65W and will also have Iris Pro Graphics along with eDRAM . This, along with the unlocked multiplier should prove to be a lethal combination for enthusiasts who will sadly not get an unlocked Skylake at launch.Intel Broadwell and Haswell Refresh Platform

Intel 14nm Desktop LGA 'Broadwell' Unlocked Processors Details Confirmed - Iris Pro, eDRAM and 65W TDP

Now interestingly, the source also confirms that the Broadwell processors will be landing on the LGA 1150 Socket and will therefore be compatible with most Intel 9 Series Chipset motherboards. This is of course something we have known for a very long time (and pointed out in our Z97 reviews too!). As you may recall we received a leak which more or less confirmed that these SKUs will only be arriving in the 'K' variant (for now), meaning unlocked Broadwell processors at launch. Now as of yet we only have knowledge of the one Quad Core variant, but the source points out that there might be a crippled dual core version at a later date. At this point however, I differ a little. Whether we see a crippled dual core variant is very dependent on how the sister platform fares.

I am talking of course, about Skylake-S, which is supposed to land around the same time. It will be this trigger (whether or not Skylake-S Launch is going as planned or not) that will bring about a Dual Core Variant, if at all. Finally Broadwell-K will support PCIE-3.0, DDR3/DDR3L 1.5V and will come in i5 and i7 variants with 4 threads and 8 threads respectively. I suspect we should see some decent IPC gains on this one when it comes in June 2015. It will also be very interesting to see how Skylake-S fits into the grand scheme of things since the afore-mentioned platform will only contain locked processors with no unlocked ones coming anytime soon. Summarizing everything we get:

  • Broadwell Y Series (BGA) 2+2 (Intel Core M) arriving by the end of September 2014. Stepping F to debut by year end.
  • Broadwell U Series (BGA) 2+1 and 2+2 arriving by year-end. 2+3 arriving February 2015.
  • Broadwell H Series (BGA) 4+3e, 4+2, 2+3e arriving (estimated) June 2015.
  • Broadwell H Series Desktop LGA Quad Core Processor with GT3e graphics (4+3e) arriving June 2015. Will feature 65W TDP, eDRAM and an unlocked multiplier.

As BlueGum correctly pointed out, the GT3 graphics present in Haswell are not the same as the ones in Broadwell. That means that in all probability, it won't be called Iris Pro 5200 but something else. Here is the comparison chart:

Intel Haswell GT2 Intel Haswell GT3 Intel Broadwell GT2 Intel Broadwell GT3
Codename Haswell GT2 Haswell GT3 Broadwell GT2 Broadwell GT3
Architecture 22nm Haswell 22nm Haswell 14nm Broadwell 14nm Broadwell
Series HD 4600 HD 5200 TBA TBA
Execution Units 20 40 24 48
Core Clock 200-1350 MHz 200-1300 MHz TBA TBA
Shader Clock 200-1350 MHz 200-1300 MHz TBA TBA
Memory Shared 128 MB eDRAM Shared? >128 MB eDRAM?
DirectX Support DirectX 11.1, Shader 5.0 DirectX 11.1, Shader 5.0 DirectX 12.0 DirectX 12.0
Features 4K Video, Quick Sync 4K Video, Quick Sync VP8 Codec, 2xMSAA Support, Improved Tessellation, Low CPU Overhead VP8 Codec, 2xMSAA Support, Improved Tessellation, Low CPU Overhead

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