Intel Unleashing its Broadwell-E HEDT Lineup At Computex 2016 in June – 10 Core/20 Thread Core i7 6950X Leads the Pack

Usman Pirzada

Intel is going to launch their Broadwell-E lineup at Computex 2016 and the SKUs in question were just revealed by Enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that the flagship model will feature up to 10 cores/20 threads. This is the first deca-core on the commercial market and a step up in the offerings from Intel. The processors will utilize the same x99 motherboard although add-in-board partners of Intel will be updating the feature set of their existing lineup.

broadwell-eLeaked Intel documents listing the processor lineup of Broadwell-E. @Intel Public Domain (technically)

Intel's 14nm Broadwell-E lineup launching in first week of June - features massive deca-core Core i7 6950X flagship

It looks like we finally have a concrete date to look out for; that of Computex 2016. The 36th edition of global professional ICT trade show COMPUTEX TAIPEI will take place from May 31st to June 4th, 2016 in Taipei. The Broadwell-E lineup is based on Intel’s 14nm process and consists of an architectural shrink (from Haswell). Intel has also expanded the usual 3 tier lineup of processors to a 4 tier lineup (one additional SKU). One of the rather interesting things about this lineup is that Intel is finally using a somewhat sensible nomenclature. Gone are the xx20 and xx30 naming schemes. Instead, they are now following one with regular intervals. The Broadwell-E lineup consists of Core i7 6950X, Core i7 6900K, Core i7 6850K and the Core i7 6800K

MSI X99A GODLIKE GAMINGA slide from the MSI X99A press deck, showing off the X99 platform in all its glory. @MSI 

The X99 "Wellsburg" platform will be supported with this lineup and features up to 40 PCI-e lanes. It is also worth noting, that previously, the official word from Intel had state that the platform will only have up to 8 Cores (something which has now been changed to a full 10 cores). The BW-E platfrom also has a configurable integrated memory controller which can adjust the base clock to 2133 Mhz or 2400 Mhz (as opposed to dynamically overclocking it - which is what usually happens). This is the perfect platform to own for enthusiasts with deep pockets and well adjusted to run Quad SLI or Quad Crossfire. The 14nm advantage doesnt hurt either - although most of the feature offered by Skylake will be missing in this iteration of Intel's tick/tock.

Intel Core i7-6950X (10C/20T)

The flagship part of the Broadwell-E lineup is ofcourse the Core i7 6950X and it will be replacing the older Core i7 5960X. The processor rocks 10 Broadwell based cores with 20 threads on the 14nm node. It will feature a TDP of 140W and require the LGA 2011v3 socket from Intel. It will have a massive cache size of 25 Megabytes, roughly 2.5 MBs per core. The base clock will be 3.0 Ghz and can turbo up to a solid 3.5 Ghz. It features a 4 Channel Integrated memory Controller and will support DDR4 Memory up to 2400 Mhz (configurable to 2133Mhz). The expected MSRP would be around the $999 mark.

Intel Core i7-6900K (8C/16T)

The Intel Core i7 6900K will be replacing the Core i7 5930K – and features 8 cores with 16 threads. The TDP remains at 140W with the socket being LGA 2011 v3. The base clock of the processor is 3.2 Ghz with the turbo clock being 3.7 Ghz. The processor has a cache size of 20 MBs for roughly 2.5 MBs per core.  DDR4 memory up to 2400 Mhz will be supported and the IMC can be configured down to 2133 Mhz. Expected MSRP is around the $650 mark.

Intel Core i7-6850K (6C/12T)

The Intel Core i7-6850K will be replacing the Core i7 5820K and features 6 Cores/12 Threads. It has a TDP of 140W and requires the socket LGA 2011v3. The base clock is 3.6 Ghz and can turbo up to 3.8 Ghz.  With a cache size of 15MB you are looking at (once again) 2.5MB per core. The IMC can be configured between 2133 Mhz and 2400 Mhz. The expected MSRP should be below the $550 mark.

Intel Core i7-6800K (6C/12T)

Finally, we have the Core i7-6800K, which can arguably be considered the new addition to the family. This processor aims to put a hexacore in the hands of the average PC user. The MSRP of this processor will probably be less than the $450 mark, making it just affordable for the average user in this market spectrum (keep in mind that this IS the high end segment). It has a cache size of 15MB with 2.5MBs per core but has a lower base clock of 3.4 Ghz (turbo up to 3.6 Ghz).

Intel's 14nm Broadwell-E Processor Lineup

Processor NameIntel Core i7-6950XIntel Core i7-6900KIntel Core i7-6850KIntel Core i7-6800K
Process Node14nm14nm14nm14nm
Core Clock3.00 GHz3.20 GHz3.60 GHz3.40 GHz
Boost Clock3.50 GHz3.70 GHz3.80 GHz3.60 GHz
L3 Cache25 MB L3 Cache20 MB L3 Cache15 MB L3 Cache15 MB L3 Cache
Unlocked MultiplierYesYesYes,Yes
SocketLGA 2011-3LGA 2011-3LGA 2011-3LGA 2011-3
Memory SupportDDR4-2133MHz/DDR4-2400 MHzDDR4-2133MHz/DDR4-2400 MHzDDR4-2133MHz/DDR4-2400 MHzDDR4-2133MHz/DDR4-2400 MHz
Launch Price
~$999 US (TBD)~$600 US (TBD)~$550 US (TBD)~$450 US (TBD)
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