Intel Atom Bay Trail 22nm Processor Information Revealed

Usman Pirzada

Intel Bay Trail

It seems Intel (with Bay Trail) has finally embraced its Atom Processor series as a top earner. Recently released information at the Q2 conference tells us that Intel will now establish the Atom as ‘main pillar’ in its strategy as opposed to a side earner. Intel will develop the Atom further into the increasingly smaller die  whilst improving System-on-Chip(SoC) integration of key elements such as graphics, sound and communication devices.

Intel Atom ‘Bay Trail’ 22nm Processor Information Released

Bay Trail (the codename of the 22 nm die) will consist of a Quad Core 2.1 Ghz Processor while consuming only half the power as Clover Field (the last in Intel’s tick tock series of die process).?

Another noteable improvement is the fact that the Intel Atom will now consist of a Dual Channel 64 bit DWRAM as compared to a Dual Channel 32 Bit implementation nearly doubling the data capacity and efficiency of the architecture.

The SoC of Bay Trail Codenamed ‘Valleyview-T SoC’ will feature an advanced Gen7 Intel Derivative Graphics solution that will be Dx 11 Capable. This will give an effective improvement of almost 3x the previous 32 nm SoC implementation (Cloverview SoC). It is interesting how Intel will meet the demands of a DX 11 API infrastructure on a die optimized for power saving.

The 22nm die will feature the Silvermont Next Generation Micro architecture, claiming to increase the efficiency of Multi-Core systems, give increased performance per watt and best-in-class single thread performance. This coupled with a new set of IA instructions is sure to make the BayTrail processors an interesting piece of tech.

It is also speculated that the Intel Atom will not feature AVX2, since widening the register to 256 bit will lead to increased power consumption which though fine for Haswell is not acceptable for Bay Trail.

According the the Q2 confrence Bay Trail will ship somewhere around 2014.


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