Intel Announces Bay Trail SOCs Powered by 22nm Silvermont Architecture at Mobility Day 2013

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Jun 8, 2013

Intel’s country head for Pakistan Naveed Siraj, announced their company’s latest Bay Trail SOCs powered by the 22nm Silvermont architecture at Mobility Day 2013. The Mobility Day 2013 conference was held in the city of Lahore where Intel announced and showcased their latest Silvermont “Bay Trail” powered tablet devices.

Intel Announces Bay Trail SOCs Powered With 22nm Silvermont architecture

“Silvermont is a leap forward and an entirely new technology foundation for the future that will address a broad range of products and market segments,” said Naveed Siraj, Country Manager, Intel Pakistan. “Early sampling of our 22nm SoCs, including “Bay Trail” and “Avoton” is already garnering positive feedback from our customers. Going forward, we will accelerate future generations of this low-power microarchitecture on a yearly cadence.

With Silvermont based 22nm Bay Trail SOCs, Intel’s aim to delivers faster performance in a low power package that blows the competition away delivering higher battery times and much enhanced power efficiency. The 22nm Silvermont cores are based on the same Tri-gate architecture that is featured on Intel’s high performance Ivy Bridge and Haswell processors setting a new standard for performance per watt.

Intel’s Silvermont microarchitecture was designed and co-optimized with Intel’s 22nm SoC process using revolutionary 3-D Tri-gate transistors. By taking advantage of this industry-leading technology, Intel is able to provide a significant performance increase and improved energy efficiency.

Intel Silvermont Silvermont

Additional highlights of the Silvermont microarchitecture include:

  • A new out-of-order execution engine enables best-in-class, single-threaded performance.

  • A new multi-core and system fabric architecture scalable up to eight cores and enabling greater performance for higher bandwidth, lower latency and more efficient out-of-order support for a more balanced and responsive system.

  • New IA instructions and technologies bringing enhanced performance, virtualization and security management capabilities to support a wide range of products. These instructions build on Intel’s existing support for 64-bit and the breadth of the IA software installed base.

  • Enhanced power management capabilities including a new intelligent burst technology, low- power C states and a wider dynamic range of operation taking advantage of Intel’s 3-D transistors. Intel® Burst Technology 2.0 support for single- and multi-core offers great responsiveness scaled for power efficiency.

Moving on, Intel plans to update its smartphone lineup with the new Merrified SOCs which would also be powered by the latest Silvermont architecture and a year later “Airmont” which would feature the first 14nm core architecture for tablets would be unveiled. Intel showed off a variety of tablet devices powered by their core architectures at the event that can be seen below:

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