How to Install WhatsApp on iPad Running iOS 10 Without Jailbreak

Feb 24, 2017

Here’s how you can install WhatsApp messenger on your iPad running iOS 10 without the need to jailbreak your device.

Use WhatsApp on your iPad Without the Fuss of Jailbreaking – Here’s How, Using Cydia Impactor

Launched eight years back, WhatsApp has taken over the world of instant messaging in a very swift manner. During its time period in the digital space, it has managed to ruffle a few feathers while also managing to grab the attention of Facebook, ultimately leading to the purchase of the service by the social network giant. However, despite all its achievements, the service hasn’t managed to see itself being officially available on tablets. It’s a smartphone and desktop-only affair for now. Thankfully, you can side-load WhatsApp on your Apple iPad, that too without jailbreaking your device. All is done using a wonderful little tool called Cydia Impactor.

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Before we dive into the process, there are a few things which you should know about. First and foremost, you will require a phone and a SIM card on which you can receive text messages to verify your WhatsApp account. Also, since you are side-loading the app using Cydia Impactor, therefore the installation will expire after a period of one week, after which you will be required to remove and re-install the app again to get up and running. While this may sound a little berserk to some users, but do keep one thing in mind: everything is happening without the need for a jailbroken iPad, which is a massive plus. Last but not the least, the modified WhatsPad++ IPA you are going to download to install on your iPad must be kept in a safe location on your PC or Mac, since you will be needing it in the time to come.

All set? Let’s just right into the tutorial itself.

Tutorial – Installing WhatsApp / WhatsPad++ on iPad

1. Download Cydia Impactor from this link. It’s absolutely free. Also make sure that you download the correct version for your operating system.

2. Download the WhatsPad++ IPA from here.

3. Connect your iPad to your PC or Mac using a USB cable and then launch Cydia Impactor.

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4. Drag and drop the WhatsPad++ IPA onto Cydia Impactor. If you are required to enter your Apple ID and password, do so. It’s absolutely safe, as it is required to generate a signing certificate by Apple.

5. The WhatsPad++ icon will now appear on your iPad display. But don’t launch it yet. Instead, navigate to Settings > General > Profile and Trust the new profile in this section.

You can now launch WhatsApp / WhatsPad++ on your iPad and use it like you would on an iPhone or any other supported device. Cool, isn’t it? Indeed it is. But it would have been even more cooler if the service was officially supported on tablets.

Still, it’s better than nothing at all.