This Is Insane! Apple Fanboys Tried Selling Their Kidneys For iPhone 6s


We've seen fanboys from different platforms do all sorts of things, pushing the boundaries of what can only be defined as crazy, or insane, to say the least. Today, we came across a report that left with us our jaws wide open. Not in surprise, but due to the sheer limit to which a fanboy can conquer to grab the latest and greatest piece of tech from the company they follow religiously.

iPhone 6s 2

Believe it or not, two Apple fanboys from China, named Wu and Huang, based in the Jiangsu Province tried to sell their kidney each to get enough money to bag themselves an iPhone 6s handset. But of course, when it comes to such things, many things are bound to go wrong, and guess what? They did!

For instance, the biggest wrong that happened here is when they grabbed hold of an 'illegal agent' online to help them pull off the feat. And even advised Wu and Huang to go to the hospital in 'Nanjing for medical examinations.' Out of the two, apparently Wu was the smarter one, and he started having second-thoughts regarding the whole plan. And when he tried to talk Huang out of the whole deal, he just wouldn't listen, prompting Wu to call the police and put an end to the whole plan.

Interestingly enough, Huang has gone missing ever since.

As jaw dropping and crazy the above story may sound, it's worth noting here that this isn't the first time hardcore fanboys have pulled off such a thing to buy something. On many different occasions, we've seen people buy / sell different objects to gather enough money for a piece of tech. For example, earlier this year, a 21-year old pulled off which can only be described as a Breaking Bad spinoff, in which the youngster tried to sell drugs in order to garner enough money to buy himself an Apple Watch.

iPhone 6s

See, in the real world, such things should not happen, but given the current 'economic' state, people are forced to go to great lengths in order to finance themselves for something which would otherwise be out of reach. But please, do not sell your body organs at least to gather money for a darn phone. It's just not worth it. After all, new phones will come out each year, but a kidney will never grow back no matter what you do.

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